Benefits of our School Management

Most important benefits of School Management System (SMS) & Learning Management System (LMS) for Schools of all Categories:

It entirely automate your school curricular activities as well as make your school to compete with other global schools in the area of:

1) Advance Digital Literacy for Students/Teachers of all levels

2) Critical academic skills for the 21st Century

3) Internet (online) presence for modern schools

4) Showcasing your school's activities to the world


Proprietors of Schools will be able to:

  1. Automate Application/Admission Processes for students/Pupils into all classes
  2. Engage in curricular activities such as Teaching, Test, Exams and Report, outside the class room (completely online)
  3. Manage records of Staff, Students, and parents efficiently and remotely
  4. Automate Result generation/publication for all students from term-to-term
  5. Automate Students Promotion from year-to-year
  6. Expose teachers to global practices in teaching an curriculum management
  7. Parent will be able to access & track their children performance via the LMS
  8. Automate all kind of Fee payment such as School fees, Bus fees, Textbooks & Uniform fees for various classes.
  9. Reduce Cost of running schools for proprietors with a very big margin.
  10. Serves as a new way of generating income for proprietors of Schools.